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F-stop, etc.

I’m not a great photographer.  I’ve, like, heard of most of the applicable terms, and I have the “For Dummies” book for my camera (but haven’t read it).  So I have to confess that I usually let the automatic settings on my camera do all the work for me.  I think I’m fairly good at seeing the image that should be captured, but the camera kind of knows how to capture it better than I do.

Still, it’s fun to mess with settings once in a while and see what happens.  There was a gorgeous sunset the other night that seemed like a good opportunity to switch away from that automatic landscape setting that is my absolute favorite.

My favorite is the first one, which is, unfortunately, that automatic setting I was talking about.  But the third one isn’t that bad, either, and I think it’s actually a more accurate picture of what the sky really looked like at the time.  I kept the middle one because it’s super eerie.  Obviously it looked nothing like that in real life, but it’s cool that just switching around a few camera settings can cause such a drastic change in the image.

If I were better at photography I would comment on how which settings I changed affected each picture.  I am sorry to say, I can offer no such help!  Maybe if I ever get through that “For Dummies” book …