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Background TV show

So, this season I’m watching The Voice … kind of.  Actually, I watched it last year, too.  For anyone who hasn’t seen or heard of the show, it’s a vocal competition where there are four teams headed by celebrity singers, Christina Aguilera and Adam Levine among them.  When they’re picking their teams of amateur singers, though, the celebrities have to pick blindly — their backs are to the amateurs, and they press this big button and dramatically turn around to see who’ve they’ve got.  It’s called the “blind auditions,” and they were the most interesting part of last season.

I guess the producers agreed, because this year they expanded the blind auditions part of the show.  Each of the four teams is going to have 48 singers, so that means a ton of auditions (especially since a bunch of the singers don’t even make it).  It’s pretty entertaining to try and guess if one of the celebrities is going to turn around … to a point.  I mean, like, while I’m cooking, or shopping online, or doing something else.  Nobody can possibly be watching this show in its entirety, right?  It’s fun and mindless, like the type of show I could watch on the treadmill.  Once in a while a singer is actually good enough to give me a little chill, I have to admit, and that’s pretty cool.  But maybe it’s because the apartment is cold?  :)

Oh, and one hysterical thing they’re doing this year — Cee-Lo is one of the judges, and in some of his interviews he’s got this random long-haired white cat on his lap and he’s petting it like some evil mastermind.  Amazing!