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A truth about cats: hiding is fun!

There are certain truths about cats.  One of them is that cats love hiding places of any kind.  Sometimes these hiding places are truly hidden, like curled up in your favorite expensive sweater in the back corner of a closet.  Other times, the hiding place may be more out in the open, but still cleverly difficult to overlook, like under your blanket.  (Seriously, what kind of cat crawls into your bed and under the covers??  Mine, if you were wondering.)

And then some hiding places display that cats really do have clever brains in there.  Even if they can’t figure out where that little red dot is coming from (your laser pointer), or how to get out of the glass shower after wandering inside and finding the door shut behind them (hilarious).

There have been a few occasions when Terra has disappeared to the point that we thought she really was gone.  Like, one time I thought she was 100% not in the apartment, but the hallway was empty, so I made my husband walk down the building’s stairwell on the off chance the door had been open (and I guess, like any polite kitten, she had shut the door behind her…?).  Around ten minutes later, when my dear husband had descended over 20 flights, she showed up next to me like nothing had happened.

The next time Terra disappeared, we did an even more thorough search and discovered her hiding place.

I had noticed a tear on the underside of our new couch around a month after we’d gotten it, but I’d always attributed it to a slightly careless delivery or normal wear and tear or vacuum damage, or something along those lines.  Turned out, this tear was strategically placed.  By Terra.  The little hole it produced was the perfect size for a cat to crawl into, and the innards of the couch were really quite a flawless place to hide.  Until we finally caught her in the act.

Terra's hiding place

I guess even after we caught her crawling out of the underside of our couch, it was still a pretty good place to hide, because once she is in there, we really cannot get to her.  Like, you can poke at her through the fabric — nothing.  You can tilt up the couch on one side, thinking that might scare her out — nope.  All you can do, silly human, is sit there and wait.


Hunter and her prey

Last night even though I was really tired, I tossed and turned a bit before falling asleep because I thought I might’ve forgotten to feed Terra.  This morning, she started whining at about 5:45am and I basically shot out of bed, still full of guilt at the thought that she might be hungry.

Turns out my husband had fed her, so her bowl was basically overflowing.  But then I heard a little buzzing over by the window, and it made sense — Terra was whining at a fly.

The first time she saw a fly in the house, she basically just pawed at it (super-fast!) and smashed it against the window on her first try.  Then before I could even say “Wow!” she stuck it in her mouth and ate it.

Gross, but I have to admit, impressive.

Even with this bug (which, by the way, was outside), Terra kept leaping up to see just how close she could get (the answer: much closer than I expected — but she still couldn’t jump through glass …).

Well, I guess I’m glad she can still hunt down her own sustenance even if I forget to feed her.

Humidifier + kitty = humidikittifier?

So it is very dry in my new apartment, maybe because it’s kind of high up, or maybe because it’s just winter.  I keep waking up in the morning thinking I’m getting sick because my throat is all dry and my nose is all stuffed up.  I finally realized I should do something about it, so I bought a humidifier — picked one with good reviews from and it got here a couple days ago.

I’ve never had a humidifier before, so I was a little surprised that you can actually see the mist coming out of the top.  Turns out Terra was also very intrigued.

She did that for about five minutes before deciding maybe it wasn’t worth her time, after all.  Smart cat!

My phone pictures still exist, yay!

Yesterday for some reason my phone decided to get rid of all the pictures in my photo gallery.  I kind of thought they might be lost forever, but a simple reboot and voila, the pictures reappeared!  I don’t understand why technology works like that, but my first solution is always to reboot, and it works way too often to make sense.

I’m glad I still have my old pictures, such as this one:


Cats just look so cozy all the time!  If I look at this too long I might get way too sleepy …

Help with the laundry

On Fridays, I work from home, which is a pretty nice perk.  Sometimes I do some chores around the house, and sometimes Terra is very helpful with them.

cat in dryer
Oh, fine.  She’s never helpful, but at least she is ADORABLE.

Bowling names

Yesterday I went bowling with some friends at one of those cool city-bowling places, where they’re more famous for their food and their beer selection and if you happen to get in a game or two of bowling, that’s kind of a nice bonus.  We had fun playing pool and pinball and did manage to hang around long enough for a game of bowling, too.

We decided to pick “fun” names for each other — one of my girlfriends got named Bling, and my husband got the moniker Teavana because he’s obsessed with tea (and, in fact, we had been to Teavana earlier that day …).

They named me Cat Lady.  I guess that’s fair.

computer cat
(Although that is my husband’s hand in the picture, not mine, I would be extremely happy if this were happening to me.)

I only have the one cat for now, but I have to admit, I wouldn’t mind one or two more.  Then hopefully I could get them to play patty-cake (one of my favorite YouTube videos ever, and I’m not a big YouTube fan).

Teacup cat

It’s been a pretty quiet week for me.  Just been going to work, writing, and drinking tea.

teacup cat
Apparently I need a smaller cup.  One that does not fit an entire cat’s head, perhaps?

Drinking fountain?

Our cat really loves the sink in our master bathroom.  In fact, she often curls up there to sleep at night, and when I get up in the middle of the night she’ll be blinking up at me adorably.  Which is a little problematic when I need to wash my hands, but I deal with it.

She also loves running water, despite our keeping her actual water bowl full and fresh at all times:

Anyway.  I heard from Cobblestone and they are planning to publish Lone Wolf sometime in October!  I don’t have any official excerpt quite yet though.  I also heard from my cover artist, who is trying to help me come up with ideas for if I’m going to name this as a real series or anything since it will affect the cover design.  I’ve struggled with a series title for a while now, and even though I’m working on the first chapter of the sequel I’m still not sure what to do.  Hm, I never realized this stuff would be quite so hard … but also fun!

Random cat post

I have a cat.  Her name is Terra.

my cat

In fact, she’s lying on my lap right now, because she tends to miss us when we’re at work all day.  So when I get home first and sit on the couch, she crawls all over me before plopping down on my lap to purr ferociously and allow me to pet her.

In other words, she is the best.

Anyway, last week I started the sequel to Lone Wolf, or rather the next book in the series.  I’ve been thinking about it for a while, and I have ideas for at least two more books — hopefully they get written and then published sometime in the future!  Of course, Lone Wolf itself isn’t out yet, but the publication process takes quite a long time so there’s no point in sitting around idle until then.