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Free short story up

I have a free short story up as part of Thrifty Thursdays at the Long and Short Reviews website.  It’s called A Christmas Reunion and it’s a fun, short little story about a meeting between old friends — or are they lost loves? — during the holiday season.

Long and Short Reviews is also running my first banner ad on their Whipped Cream author interviews page.  (I think Whipped Cream is an 18+ website, so be warned!)  I created the ad myself, based on Sable’s awesome cover art, and I’m a little nervous about it … but I think it looks pretty good and it’s awesome to see it up!

Another review

Lone Wolf has another review up.  Some highlights:

“LONE WOLF is a decent, slightly gritty, wolf shifter romance. The hero and heroine have an intense attraction and the plot is tension packed and kept me reading.”

“Jordana was a nicely developed heroine. I enjoyed her strength and her hard-fought independence.”

“Their attraction was instantaneous … their physical intimacy was scorching hot.”

“I do think the world Ms Carson has created shows potential but it was missing a lot of pieces. I hope she writes more novellas to flesh out what could be an interesting shifter world within the human one … the world is interesting enough that I will read a few more in the series should they be published.”

Overall rating: 3 stars (out of 5)

I really appreciate this review from The Romance Reviews.  Not to say I haven’t been grateful for all of them, because I have! but this one gives some pretty insightful critiques.  Beyond the quotes I already listed above, J9 (the reviewer) sounds like she wants a little more emotional development between the main characters, along with more description of the world as is described above.  I’ve gotten similar comments from my friends in “real life” who have read the book as well — my husband’s main complaint was that the book was too short, which I took as a compliment!  And I have to say I agree.

Lone Wolf was obviously my first foray into the world of romance novels, and it was a short, fast write for me — and I think that’s probably reflected in the comments I’ve been hearing.  The sequel, which I’m working on right now (although I will guiltily admit it’s been on pause for a few weeks …), will hopefully go more in-depth into both the world and the characters.  And it’s already longer than Lone Wolf, so I think I’ll have much more room to flesh out the story along with the hero and heroine.  So thanks for the critiques!  I will definitely try and incorporate them as I write the second book of Primitive at Heart.

Another review, and vote for Best Of!

I have another review up — this one from Mandi over at Smexy Books!

A few quotes: “I enjoyed what we get to see of the world.”

“The romance is hot and sexy and I enjoyed both characters.  There is also some suspense to keep you on your toes.”

Thanks for the honest review, Mandi!  You can read the whole review here.

Also, a while back D. Renee Bagby was nice enough to post my first chapter over on her blog of first chapters.  Every month they vote for best chapter — so if you’d like to vote for me (which would be very nice of you), you can do so here!

My first review!

All right, I’ve been oscillating between scared and excited about this — the first review of Lone Wolf!  It’s been reviewed by Ollie over at Bitten by Paranormal Romance.

Here are a couple of quotes from the review I liked:

“Jordana tries to resist Marcos but how can she when Marcos is so damn sexy and wakes every cell in her body.”

“This is a short, sweet read.”

And the bottom line — Rating: 3 – one good howl (out of 5); Sexual: HOT!

From Lone Wolf‘s Goodreads page, it looks like Mandy over at Smexy Books has also finished the book and her review will be coming soon — I’m excited to read that one, and will definitely post it here as soon as it’s up!

Read the whole review at Bitten (or, as always, feel inspired to buy the book itself!).

First chapter posted!

The first chapter of my novella, Lone Wolf, is posted over at D. Renee Bagby Presents First Chapters.  Perfect Saturday morning reading!

Writing rapid-style

I recently realized I treat writing pretty similarly to how I treat reading.  That is: impatiently.

I’ve always gotten caught up in books.  When I was really young, my parents used to try to punish me by sending me to my room, but it simply became a solace with a pile of books in there.  They’d be all, “Okay, you can come out now,” and I’d be like, “Nah, I’m good, thanks.”

When it comes to suspenseful books I get particularly hooked.  Last year I was on a red-eye flight, wanting to get to sleep, but not quite ready to shut my eyes yet.  A little light reading, I thought, just the thing to send me off to dream-land.  Too bad the book I’d brought was The Hunger Games.  I stayed up until I finished it — and then re-reading it instead of getting any rest at all.  (I polished off the rest of the trilogy as soon as I got my hands on them, too.)  There’s kind of a boiling point for me with books — maybe halfway or three-quarters of the way through, and then I just devour it until I get to the end.

It’s turning out that writing is kind of the same for me.  I’m writing a follow-up to Lone Wolf, and I’m probably less than a third of the way through.  Now I’m getting pretty into the characters and the storyline and I really want to get to what happens next — I have a vague outline in my head, but I want to read the actual story.  I’m racing through as fast as I can (there will be a lot of editing to do sooner or later!).  I don’t think this kind of writing will work for everything, but I’m always happy to see more words on the page, so I’m not going to argue with it.

Apple pie time!

What better way to celebrate the release of my first novella (summed up in two words: sexy werewolves) than to bake a fresh apple pie?

apple pie!
My husband and I went apple picking last weekend, and the only two reasons I went were a) for the apple donuts and b) so I can make a pie.  So even though it was 80 degrees out and didn’t feel like autumn in the least, apple pie Sunday it was!

ready to roll out   homemade pie crust

For a long time I was too scared to make my own pie crust, but turns out it’s actually fairly easy if you have a food processor.  I followed a pie crust recipe from my Bon Appetit dessert cookbook and made an extra crust a while ago, which I had frozen — made it quite convenient to just throw together the pie today.  (Except for the hour or so I had to wait for it to thaw, I guess.)

pie filling
I was originally intending to try a lattice-top pie (just because they look so pretty!), but crumb topping will get me every time.  So I ended up choosing a cinnamon apple pie recipe, with raisins and crumb topping.  I had to use half Golden Delicious (because that’s what was in season last week at the orchard), and half dried cranberries (because we had apparently run out of raisins), but the pie is delicious — especially with vanilla ice cream.

cut apple pie

Now it tastes like fall! even if it doesn’t feel like it …

Lone Wolf released!

Ahaha, just realized that subject line sounds like I’m releasing a wild animal.

But I’m not!  It is, in fact, a book.  Lone Wolf is now available at Cobblestone Press.  Many thanks to everyone over there who helped along the way!

The blurb:
In a world where werewolves are being hunted to extinction, Jordana Brown has escaped such a fate by doing the unthinkable: living as a human. Though her life is built on lies and concealment, she’s convinced that she’s content.

That is, until another werewolf comes to town. Marcos Delgado stumbles upon Rocky Mount by chance after years of traveling. And as soon as he sees the beautiful Jordana, he knows he must have her. Unfortunately, they’ll both need to figure out a solution—fast—when the humans get closer and closer to their true identities.

Cover art!

!  I just received the cover for Lone Wolf from my awesome cover artist, Sable Grey.  I’m seriously excited, guys.  To be honest, I am not the hugest fan of most romance novel cover art; it doesn’t usually catch my attention too much.  So I was feeling pretty indifferent about what the cover would look like … until I saw it.Lone Wolf

It seriously is exactly what I wanted — not over-the-top provocative, but a little steamy (just like the book’s content, if I may say so myself).  Thanks a ton, Sable!

And, as I may have mentioned, the book comes out tomorrow!  I’ll post a link here when it does.


So, I finally got around to updating the page about me and adding some personalization to this blog.  It’s about time!  The header picture that I added, by the way, was taken at 5AM when we were on a hike in Peru.  (I was sick, so I was pretty much up all night.)  Here’s the full picture.

This hike, by the way?  One of the hardest things I’ve ever done in my life.  We wanted to do the Inca Trail, but there wasn’t actually any space, so we did a hike through the Lares Valley instead.  I thought it wouldn’t be a big deal — I’m a healthy enough young gal, and the tour guides provided food and set up our tents and everything — but I was totally wrong.  The altitude really does crazy things to your lungs (and, also irritatingly, your head, and even your stomach).  Altitude sickness + no sleep + unable to eat food = very difficult hike.

Got some really great pictures, though!  The lighting in this one is maybe not ideal, but considering it was still almost dark out when I took it, it’s not so bad.  Any guesses as to what those little dots in the foreground are?  They’re the llamas that helped carry our stuff, and camped out right there with us.

Anyway, I did not realize that you needed to buy an upgrade to even use CSS on WordPress.  I was all prepared to dust off my very rusty skills, but although I would really like to change a couple of fonts, I don’t think that’s quite worth $30 to me … yet.

The point of all this (although it may be hard to believe I have one at all) is that Lone Wolf will be released next week, on October 5th!  (If that seems non sequitur, why do you think I finally got around to updating these pages?)  In fact, it’s already on the Coming Soon page at Cobblestone.  Eek!  I can’t believe it’s coming up so soon.